About The Artist

I am an oil painter. As a child, my first introduction to the beauty and splendor inherent in art came through my great Aunt Margaret. Under her guidance, each summer, my brother and I frequented practically every art exhibition space in the Los Angeles area. We moved so freely and frequently among art, in all its forms, that even the security guards new us by name. Once I realized that, I too, had the ability to bring life to my ideas through artistic expression, I was hooked.

Today, I paint almost every day. Not a day goes by that I don't feel it pulling me in to challenge and inspire me.

My art is representational. I paint the human form, usually doing quite mundane things. As you move through the Gallery, you can see it in a dance recital, at a museum, and sharing emotions.

In selecting my path, I found the human figure to be the best vehicle for telling my stories and creating a constant narrative between what is happening on canvas and the viewer. The human figure also has such versatility. You can attribute any emotion to the subject which can easily translate to the viewer adding an increasing dynamic to the painting. This, I find key in successful painting.

I have exhibited at galleries in Claremont and Costa Mesa, California and at the Long Beach Museum of Art.

Pat Ory Roberts

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